September 25, 2022

By Chris Elliott…

There is never a dull moment on CyprusScene and today 18th December, I started receiving messages from friends wishing me a speedy recovery??? Then I had more messages congratulating me for being in the Turkish Cypriot newspapers.

When I checked this out I found that the CyprusScene article click here about my spinal fusion operation which I had shared with Dr Suat Gunsel – Girne University Hospital, Karakum for further sharing, had been given to the Turkish Cypriot Press and Kibris Gazetesi of 18th December had featured this on page 15 and Halkin Sesi of 18th December on page 11 and there may be other newspapers that carried the article.but it’s doubtful if this news will be carried in an English language newspaper as it was published previously by CyprusScene.  

So how am I recovering? My back is recovering very well from the operation carried out by Prof.Dr Halil Ibrahim Secer at Dr Suat Gunsel – Girne University Hospital, Karakum although I will be going back for a knee operation in the new year which should give me back the mobility I am trying to recover..

My New Year resolution is to start an intensive course of swimming to build up my strength and help with my back recovery and prepare for my next operation. My recovery from my operation I am sure was greatly helped by a similar period of daily swimming prior to surgery.

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