June 5, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Sanna Marin recently became the youngest Prime Minister of her country, Finland. She was born on 16 November 1985, and so is now 34 years old.

Indeed in a world where we see most of the leaders of the world are above 60 years of age,  it is a distinction to reach the top at such a young age.  She is not the only one who has won this distinction, there are others too, although not too many, who did manage to achieve this distinction in their particular countries.  Kim Jon Ung of North Korea, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, Oleksiy Honcharuk of Ukraine are some names that come in mind, from among the pre 40s age group.

There are so many news items about Sanna Marin recently everywhere, which has made her a new social media phenomenon. She is a mom, and has been active in national politics for many years. Most of the ministers of her cabinet are young women, etc, etc, and this information is making her popular in the world.

With all this going on I am sure many like me would be thinking totally differently. For example I ask myself, why could I not be a Prime Minister at the age of 34? This is a question that leads me to many other questions.

For example, why are there too few young leaders in the world presently, or in other words why are there so many old politicians still in charge of their countries? We must ask ourselves and scrutinise the systems, about the present situation in the world.  Does the older generation find it difficult to say goodbye to politics and open ways for young politicians, or is the young generation too hesitant to give the older politicians a tough time?

However, we must not ignore that Sanna Marin has once again brought to light the “women’s issue”. She has once again proved that women are able to compete with men in almost every field. This is a challenge which the menfolk usually do not even like to discuss.

In this world where rules have been made, written, approved and implemented by men, it is indeed very difficult for women to reach top posts.

In this world, where most of the girls of third world countries, suffer from lack of education, malnutrition, and lack of opportunities, it is indeed very difficult to challenge the authority of men. Mostly in third world counties men, in general, do not want to grant equality to women. This is what we all know. However in western societies too, the exploitation of women, though less, exists in different forms.

So this is the time, when all of us must realise that there is a need to encourage young fellows to come forth in different fields, including politics. The older generation is supposed to take the advisory position instead of ruling. The young generation is supposed to listen to the advice of the older generation, and use their experience to the benefit of the people of the respective countries in particular and that of the whole world in general.

Let the new world order be a young smiling face. This is what I believe.

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