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Tulips Lambousa Stall team Christmas lunch at Merit Royal Premium

Readers Mail ….
From Sue Tilt – Tulips (Help Those with Cancer Association) ….

A huge thank you to the Merit Royal Premium for providing the Tulips Lambousa Stall team with their annual Christmas lunch, the food was outstanding.

Also present was Raziye Kocaismail, Chairperson of Tulips, the Blister Sisters and Louise and Pinar who are the Tulips expat cancer support team.

As usual it was a great get-together with Fez Kurt presenting a gift to Raziye from all the Lambousa Stall team to say thank you for all the hard work she puts into the Association day in and day out to make it as successful as it is and to enable so many cancer patients to be helped.

The Tulips Lambousa Stall has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of Lynda Hillard. There are no bosses in the team, it is a team effort with outstanding results ensuring that the annual takings rise every year. In 2017; 76,053TL taken to the year end, in 2018; 92,686TL taken to the year end, and in 2019 a staggering 161,952TL taken up to the end of November so there is still one more  month to go!

This  amazing sum of money raised is all down to the quality of donations from our supporters, everyone who visits the stall and makes a purchase plus the hard work put in by our dedicated Lambousa Stall team!

Thank you everyone involved in making this stall so successful.

Sue Tilt
0542 854 8714
Tulips/ Help Those With Cancer Association
(Kanser Hastalarina Yardim Dernegi)