Tatar: “Alternative thoughts should be on the agenda hereafter”

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar spoke about the Cyprus issue and developments in the Eastern Mediterranean at the reception he attended in London.

Tatar stated that a federal agreement does not offer much hope on the issue of a solution and continued: “There is a great difference between what the Greek Cypriots understand and what we understand. The Greek Cypriots’ understanding is a structure in which Turkey will be excluded, guarantorship will be diluted and cease to exist, and we shall be dragged to some places in the EU. We should not ignore this.”

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  1. The atmosphere in the South, is fuelled by very Right Wing Propaganda and Orthodox Church Preaching of Superiority Rubbish, I cannot imagine the Two Sides Every Being able to reach an Equable state of Agreement.
    That only left the Two States Solution or In the Possible absence of UN cooperation to This Idea, the only venue left Shall be A Much Closer Relationship With Motherland Turkey.
    This Should let The Cat Among The Pidgins In South as well as the International Community.