December 10, 2023

By Trevor Hughes ….

Temporary Residence

Confusion continues when trying to make a Temporary Residence Application, there seems to be regular change, amendments and additions at every turn. If you do not need to re-enter the TRNC through Border Control, it is wise to avoid this travel. You will then be able to make your application early next year when some of the confusion has been sorted and hopefully the online application will be up and running.

The latest rumour/requirement is that applicants must hold private Health Insurance and/or to pay into the State Health System at a cost of 378 Turkish Lira per year. Payment can be made into the Koop Bank in Girne and a receipt will be handed to you for safekeeping when makıng your application at the police station.

How valid this is, remains to be seen and further checks with the officials will hopefully clarify the validity of this requirement.

I have been reliably informed the police in the Immigration Department in Kyrenia are now informing people applying for Temporary Residence they do not need a copy of their “in’s and out’s”. Which is yet another example of how rapidly the requirements are changing.

For those who are fortunate to insure their property through Capital Insurance, we have translated the official form for those who are applying for the Temporary Residence Permit “Out of Wedlock Union Declaration” which can be used as a guide to complete the Turkish version at the Police Immigration Department.This form cannot be used in the application process, they will only accept their own Turkish Application Form.

Furthermore, we have just been ınformed that people who rent property must have an up to date rental agreement and duly stamped by the tax office as proof tax has been paid. Failure for the property owner not have paid tax will render your application as void!

2020 MOT Dates

(D. Private Cars, Motorcycles, Hybrids and Electronic Vehicles)

Registration                                                                       MOT Due Date

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J,                                                      27/07/2020 – 06/08/2020

AF, AG, AH, AJ, AK, AL, AN, AP, AR,      

BF, BG, BH, BJ, BY, BZ, CR, CS, CT,                                  07/08/2020 – 14/08/2020


EE, EF, EG, EH, EJ, EK, EL, EM,                                        17/08/2020 – 27/08/2020


GS, GT, GU, GV, GY, GZ, HA, HB, HC,                                28/08/2020 – 09/09/2020


HN, HP, HR, KD, KE, KF, KG, KH, KJ,                                  10/09/2020 – 22/09/2020

KK, KL, KM, KN, LL, LM, LN, LP, LR,                                    23/09/2020 – 06/10/2020

LS, LT, LU, LV, MS, MT, MU, MV, MY,                                    07/10/2020 – 20/10/2020

MZ, NA, NB, NC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH                                   21/10/2020 – 05/11/2020

PJ, PK, PL, PM, PN, PP, PR, PS, PT,                                     06/11/2020 – 19/11/2020

Please be aware that if you are one day late or more for MOT renewal you will be fined 150 Turkish Lira.

Christmas Special

2013 Domaine Baillard Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons Grand Cru.

Must be consumed: 2018 – 2025 to ensure top qualıty.

This offer is from Wines of the World and is open on a first come first served basis. The original price is from 200 TL per bottle. The Christmas Offer to you is 120 TL per bottle or 100 TL per bottle when buying 1 case of 6.

For those interested, they need to place an order with Wines of the World, Alsancak before stocks run out.

Bayram Holıdays

1st January 2020 will be an official holiday. All Government and Local Government offices will be closed from 12 noon on the 31st of December.

Capital Insurance would like to wish its customers a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year


Trevor Hughes

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