March 20, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay met with the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Cyprus Elizabeth Spehar.

In his statement through his social media account, Özersay noted that they have discussed the issues including the triple meeting to be held in Berlin and the UN Peace Force in Cyprus.

Following the meeting, Özersay made a statement to TAK. In his statement, Özersay said “There is no doubt that the UN Secretary General will spend efforts to bring the sides together but as long as we do not question the main reasons of the Cyprus problem and the deadlock which has continued for half a century, the negotiation processes will continue to serve only for the status quo. We will continue to express the Cyprus problem to persuade the International Community to question the main reasons of the Cyprus problem, and also to make diplomatic contacts as much as possible to ensure that the Turkish Cypriots’ voice is heard in the world”.

1 thought on “Özersay met with Spehar

  1. The Ambitions of the South, is constant in the Format of the eventual Enosis.
    As we are not Prepared to be a part of Geese, we cannot be a part of such a Setting.
    Therefore a Two State Solution is the only way forward for the Turkish Cypriots.
    As I recollect until the early 50es they called themselves Rum and spoke Romega.
    We also remember the Fellow with the Black Robes and the Chimney Pot Black Hat arriving From The USA and informing them that he was going to change them to Greek.
    That was the starting point of The Problems of the Island.
    They deeds tried to Assassinate him later but that is another Story.

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