August 9, 2022

Over the weekend we had a message from Oya Kutsal and as we were close to the place she mentioned we were able to take a look.

Readers mail….
Oya Kutsal….

“Hi Chris,

I have just come back from Little Garden Special Eatery in the centre of Girne and it has a beautiful garden and serves traditional Turkish style food and also offers a packet service..

On Saturdays, they also have tables where people can come and sell things.

The atmosphere was lovely and I felt, wow this needs to be promoted as it has so much potential and with the Saturday Market, it could be a very popular location.”

We found it by driving up the road from Baris Park roundabout leading to Zeytinlik and when you see Starling Supermarket on the right take the first turning on the right and at the T junction turn right again and then left and the Little Garden Special Eatery is in front of you at that T junction.

We arrived around 3.30 pm on Saturday and were able to sit in nice surroundings and see locals enjoying their time eating and chatting with some of them playing with their children in the playground area.

The cafe is run by Funda and we had very nice bowls of hot Lentil soup and lemon with nice fresh bread with a plate of chips to keep us going to evening time.

As Oya mentioned, they have just started running a market area from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm on Saturdays and the hire of tables can be arranged by calling Funda on 0533 822 0066.

The address is Aytekin Zekai Sokak, Deĝirmentaşı Parkı, Girne.


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