December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Near East University (NEU) recently organised a mega art exhibition comprising of 3 solo exhibitions consisting of 65 artworks of Kazakhstan artists Aytkali Zhaisanbayev, Botagoz Tolesh and Yergali Palymbetov, a group exhibition consisting of 43 artworks of Kazakh artists Muldir Sagyndykova, Nurbek Zhardemov, Oralbek Kaboke, Altynshash Alpysbayeva and Salimgale Myrz’ev, and a group exhibition consisting of 21 artworks of Azerbaijani artists Asmer Narimanbekova, Jamal Rahmanli and Rafael Aliyev .

According to the information released to the press by NEU, the  Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Şanlıdağ in his opening speech said, “Today we are together with artists from many countries within the scope of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts project providing freedom in creativity and uniting the world art in this geography, we are together at the opening of group and solo art exhibitions of Kazakh and Azerbaijani artists,”

Speaking on behalf of Azerbaijani artists, Rafael Aliyev said, “On behalf of the Azerbaijani artists participating in the Cyprus Museum of Modern Art, we are grateful to Dr. Suat Günsel and the project management for all the opportunities and creative work environment they have provided us with.” Aliyev stated that they were honoured to participate in the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts and that each participant of the project contributed to the culture of the Turkic world by leaving their creative works to the  Museum “With all my heart, I wish you all success, prosperity and good luck.”

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