Özersay: “The flag is a sensitive issue for all communities”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that the flag is a sensitive issue for all communities.

Speaking at the TRNC General Assembly, Özersay said that everyone reacted regarding the burning of the flag and condemned this event by consensus and he also reiterated that the Greek Cypriot Head of Police was dismissed following the attack on Talat in the past and said that they want to see such reactions regarding this latest incident.

Pointing out that the flag is a sensitive issue for all societies, Özersay gave examples of events that have taken place during history concerning the flag, and called for a step on this issue.

Speaking about the negotiation process, Özersay said that he believes that the process had failed in Crans Montana and added: “If the negotiations had not collapsed in Crans Montana, we would not be talking about what will be the basic concept of the negotiations right now”.