September 28, 2022

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü received Cahit Başaran who has been protecting and re-planting the olive trees that have been uprooted due to construction and road works. In his speech, Mayor Güngördü pointed out that the olive tree has spread to the world from Cyprus and Syria and stated that olive cultivation is of great importance in our country.

He added that because of the unconsciousness in the past, the transplantation method was not used and buildings were constructed and trees were reduced. Güngördü explained that with the Olive Festival organised by Girne Municipality, awareness about the olive has been formed and Cahit Başaran has carried out important works by transporting and replanting the trees.

In his speech, Cahit Başaran stated that he started the “Olive Rescue Project in 2005 and said that he had saved the thousand year old olive trees that had been removed due to construction and road works and transported them to many parts of Girne. Cahit Basaran, presented the Mayor with olives collected from the thousand-year old tree named “Horoz Ali” which is situated in Sevim Ebeoğlu Peace Park, Girne.



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