September 26, 2023

The CESV/112 Civil Emergency Service Volunteers continue to work in the community and help others and try to keep us safe and this is their latest news.

Monday 4th November 2019

There was In-house training for our members, covering make-up with Gale plus bandages and also reviewing some new medical supplies by Ümit and Erman. These products have been requested by a medical centre and will be donated by CESV 112.

The donations include; pulse oximeters, neck collars, patient transfer stretcher, spider Web straps, manual blood pressure device, oxygen support for adult and infants, bandage scissors, examination light pen, laryngeal blades.

Attending were: Steve Collard, Allan Lowden, Ümit Karanar, Erman Bigen, Gail Quelch and Diana Loftus.

Tuesday 5th November 2019.

Today Ümit Karanar and Erman Bigen delivered medical supplies to Camlibel Health Centre on behalf of CESV/112.

All medical supplies delivered to Medical Centres are donated by CESV 112 as part of an ongoing support program.

The items supplied were according to the health center’s requests from across the north coast. From Tatlısu to Lefke. We are also planning to donate some items to Degirmenlik and Serdarli Health Centers and all these donations are being achieved from the total donations we have raised of approximately 30,000TL.


Wednesday 6th November 2019

The 2nd delivery of medical supplies was made and this time to Lapta Medical Centre .

Thank you Erman for delivering the supplies on behalf of CESV 112.

It’s not just First Aid courses that we run within the community, we also donate Medical Supplies to Medical Centres and 112 Ambulances.

Thank you for your support.

Would you like to help the CESV/112 Volunteers

We are a group of expats who voluntarily wish to give back something to our community and we carry out First Aid Training to the Police, Firemen, Nurses, and Ambulance Drivers. as well as supplying Medical Equipment to clinics and Ambulances.

We are also carrying out more and more First Aid Training Courses to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Businesses.

We need more volunteers, Male or Female to help us with the Training and Fundraising.

If you would like to help, WE NEED YOU. All Training will be given, so do please contact Allan by email on.

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