Iskele Municipality continues health care at home

The ‘Home Health Care’ of the Iskele Municipality, has been taking the service to the villages for about 4 years. It also continues the partnership with the physioart physical therapy rehab and health clinic, which offers a service to those who receive social assistance salary in Iskele and the 17 villages, with special needs.  The citizen is also given free physical therapy service.

Good health at home to all!

In addition to the health unit nurses, the physioart physical therapy and health clinic, which serves the citizens living in Iskele and the 17 villages, Physiotherapist Sultan Aslan is very interested in patients in need of physical therapy and has reached 137 people.


Physical therapy is being applied 2 days a wee

For those in Iskele and the 17 villages who need physical treatment, and who are 65 years old and above, are given physical therapy services by the physioart physical therapy and health clinic, as part of the health care given at home.  As part of the service; exercise treatment is being applied to those who have developed muscle system diseases due to age. Patients are being taught the exercises they can do at their home until the next visit and the points to take care of in their daily life.

Source: Iskele Municipality,