December 4, 2023

By Margaret Sheard….

The past few weeks have been very difficult for Chris Elliott and I as he had a spinal fusion operation in early September and after a week in hospital has been regaining his strength and has been able to help me again with the website and e-newspaper publishing.

Last Saturday 26th October I had an accident when reaching under my desk my typist chair moved away and I crashed to the floor with a bump and a big yell.

Chris of course is still recovering from his back operation and unable to bend or lift heavy weights. Slowly and in great pain I managed to regain my feet with help from Chris and then laid on my bed to recover.

Still in great pain after using ice packs, Chris insisted I go to the hospital for a check-up and as he was unable to drive yet, my sister took me to the casualty department of Dr Suat Gunsel, Girne University Hospital and I arrived at around

The hospital reaction was brilliant and after an MRI scan and X-rays they confirmed I had broken my collarbone and as this had also penetrated my lung they insisted that I go into intensive care so my condition could be monitored for 24 hours.

Arriving home on Monday morning with my arm in sling and still in a lot of pain, Chris had kept our website and e-newspaper design going, also experiencing some discomfort from his condition, with me only being able to write a little in great pain in the past few days.

We apologise to our readers for the delay in publishing the latest news and reviews, but we have got there eventually.

4 thoughts on “My problems experienced with a broken collarbone!

  1. I feel your pain. Having had both I know exactly how you both feel. Take care and have a speedy recovery.

  2. Get well soon Margaret, you take care and my wishes to you both for a speedy complete recovery 💕💕

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