Gazi Yuksel represented TRNC at International Bursa Photography Fest

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

Gazi Yuksel, a well known name in the world of photography, recently represented the TRNC in the 9th International Bursa Photography Festival, held in Bursa.

The Festival was held in collaboration of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa City Council and Bursa Photographic Art Association (BUFSAD).

According to the information provided by the East Mediterranean University, Mr. Yuksel, who is also the Head of the Department of Photography and Cameraman Education, Faculty of Communication, Near East University, exhibited his 12 photographs in the Festival. In his photographs he compared the earth to a large canvas, which nature has used by using its own instruments.

The theme of the Festival for this year was, “Air-Water-Soil Return to Nature”. In total 230 photographers from 16 countries participated in the festival with their photographic works.

The Bursa Photography Festival is the largest Photo Fest organization held in Turkey. Photographers from America,  Russia, India, Uruguay, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil added colour to the event.