Ünal Üstel statement regarding liquidation of Thomas Cook

Minister of Tourism and Environment Üstel, expressed his regret at the liquidation of Thomas Cook and the negative effects on tourism in Cyprus.

He stated that TRNC tourism works with Turkish aircraft companies and at the same time it provides flow of tourists to the country with charter flights, he added that the TRNC tourism will not be affected by this company’s liquidation.

The company operated flights to Larnaca and Paphos Airports, from the UK, Germany and Scandinavian countries, and the cancellation of flights will adversely affect these destinations for tourists.  

Explaining that Thomas Cook, a well-established company, had flights to world destinations and to Cyprus, he emphasized that ticket prices have increased by 75% due to this situation.

Referring to the decrease in competition due to the liquidation of the Thomas Cook company flying to Southern Cyprus, Üstel, said he regrets that there is an increase in ticket prices but will be taking advantage of this situation.

Greek Cypriot citizens who want to use the destination of Southern Cyprus and tourists coming to the country can also plan flights through Turkish aircraft companies Üstel said, and the tourism of the two States should not be the subject of politics.

“As the TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment, we are ready to contribute to our neighbouring Southern Cyprus, together with our country’s tourism stakeholders in the face of these negative developments in tourism, and I wish everyone to recover from this unfortunate development”.