Animal care

My Pitbull and a courageous cat

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

As always, yesterday I had taken my dog out for a walk in the evening. My readers know that for the last few years I have had to take our dog for a walk, both early in the morning and in the evening. My love/hate relationship with our dog is known to all, but today this is not the subject of my article.

Our neighbour lady is fond of cats, whereas our dog has got a record of attacking any cat that enters into our area.  The cats of our neighbour (about 5 in number) know their limits, but occasionally whenever some new cat in the area enters into our back yard by mistake, our dog makes sure to give them an appropriate lesson, so that they too would know their limits.

This code of conduct has been applied for the last few years. The cats sitting on the other side of the fence, know that they are safe in their area. Our dog frequently walks by the fence, stopping at the nearest point to any cat sitting there, expresses his displeasure, and returns back. The cats too on their part, frequently come nearer to the fence, perhaps conveying the message that they know their limits, and our dog is not supposed to remind them again and again.

However, at times, during our walk, both in the morning and evening, sometimes one of the cats sits on the garden wall of the neighbour. When this happens it becomes really difficult for me to keep the dog under control, and move him away from there. He jumps so forcefully and in such an unexpected manner, that it usually results in pain in my shoulder. I have to hold his chain tight, wishing that the cat would leave but, unfortunately, at such moments the cat does not go away.  Interestingly it is one particular cat out of the five, who likes this game.

The rest of the cats do not interfere in all this happening right before their eyes. I always wish that the elder cats would interfere and ask the young one to come down from the wall. But maybe they too enjoy the scene. They perhaps feel proud that at least one of them has got the courage to challenge the dog. Thinking logically, they might be feeling happy and satisfied, seeing one of them making life difficult for the dog.

The cat perhaps enjoys the reaction of the dog. The cat continues sitting on the wall, because she knows that I would not allow the dog to jump up to reach the top of the wall. But at the same time she enjoys seeing the way the dog constantly attempts and fails to reach her.

With all this going on, I constantly try to control the dog by pulling on the chain. Unfortunately that’s the place just next to the entrance of our apartment, so there is no way that I can take my dog away. Perhaps the cat knows that too. This is why she frequently chooses to sit at that particular spot.

In this situation the more I try to pull the dog towards our entrance gate, the more he jumps up towards the cat. At times the passers by also look and continue on their way. However, it takes a couple of minutes of my hard labour to pull the dog inside the gate. The cat however does not either retreat or go away. Of course she enjoys watching me having a tough time controlling the dog, as watching the dog himself.

I do recognise that particular cat, and I am sure I could recognise her out of many at any place. The most astonishing thing is that I always see a cunning sort of smile on her face. She is neither big, nor aged. She is still a young cat. But I am sure, she is one different young cat.  One who likes to take risks and tests herself against odds.

I think I like that particular young cat, due to her courage, but I do not find time to enjoy her bravery, because I meet her under very difficult conditions.