October 3, 2022

By Tina King …..

In my recent article about Health Screening, I promised to bring news of a Podiatry Clinic which I would now like to share with you as under.


We are pleased to be able to provide you with a podiatry clinic in the Kolan GP Medical Centre in Girne and our Kolan British Hospital in Lefkoşa.

Our Podiatrist Darren Dumbleton an expert practitioner who has worked in the UK, Malta and Australia previously and is registered with APM Malta and Ahpra Australia.

The term Podiatry has taken over from Chiropody in most countries and whilst Podiatrists and Chiropodists both treat foot and lower-limb conditions, in the UK, Malta and Australia qualified Podiatrists have a broader spectrum of care, including local anaesthesia and administration of specified prescription medicines, such as antibiotics.

Darren will be working from our Girne GP Medical Centre providing treatments for day to day foot care issues from fungal nail infection ingrown toenails, verrucas, athletes foot through to hard skin and gout, and general  foot health.  Nail surgery can also be performed in our GP surgery providing for example long term solutions to ingrown toenails. In addition, Darren will instruct patients on proper foot and ankle care and provide wellness counselling to maintain or improve mobility.

In addition to providing general foot care at our GP Practice in Girne Medical Centre, Darren will be working in partnership with the Cardiology Team providing vascular and diabetes clinics, and work with the Orthopaedics Team in the British Kolan Hospital in Lefkoşa where we aim to provide orthotics and prosthetic foot support.

Darren has also previously worked with the Podopaediatrics team in the NHS, and children’s services in the Southern Hampshire region of the UK.  He was also part of the Children’s care team in the Maltese health and energy service. Podopaediatrics is the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric foot disorders in children’s feet and lower limbs. Biomechanical abnormalities as a child can cause long term damage to the foot.  By correcting early foot deformities many long term chronic mobility issues can be safely and effectively addressed.

The Kolan GP Medical Centre also aim to provide “Care in the Community” where Darren will be able to arrange to meet you at your home or hotel if visiting the Island, should you be unable to travel, or we can arrange transport for you.   Just phone our Kolan Medical Centre in Girne to make your appointment.

15% discount will be given to all members of the British Resident’s Society, The Foreign Residents Society and Royal British Legion (only on production of a current membership card, also including your children).

 Call us on 0392 815 5900 to book your appointment

(Clinic appointments are from 14:00 Monday and Friday and 09:30 to 13:00 Tuesday to Thursday)

For further information you can contact Tina direct on 0533 824 6266 or email her on kolanbritish168@gmail.com

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