Environment protection

Girne Municipality, World Cleaning Day 21 September

Girne Municipality cleaning branch teams continued to work at different points of the city on 21 September World Cleaning Day.

The teams carried out routine cleaning work on the coast, the sides of the highway and collected garbage thrown into the environment.  Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said in a statement on the subject, that the employees of the municipal cleaning department worked 365 days and that every day the streets were swept, cleaned and garbage collected.

Güngördü stated that despite all the work done to inform citizens they are experiencing difficulties, therefore, they are doing training and awareness studies. The Municipality wants to cooperate more with non-governmental organizations on September 21st World Cleaning Day and similar days.

Güngördü expressed his appreciation of the employees who perform their work with great devotion 7 days a week.