Killer Queen, CyprusScene interview with lead singer Patrick Myers

By Margaret Sheard ….

 Following the fantastic concert of Killer Queen at the Girne Amphitheatre in North Cyprus, I published a review of the event and posted the link as a message on the band’s Facebook page.  Click here

I was pleased to receive a nice comment from lead singer Patrick Myers, who shared the article on the Killer Queen Facebook page, which prompted me to ask if I could interview him and the other members of the group. 

As they had returned to the UK, this was not possible but Patrick offered to do an interview by phone or email.  With such a busy schedule I was amazed that he was willing to find the time to do this, and decided to do a written question and answers which was sent to him.

Following are my questions and Patrick’s answers :

Q.   Where were you born?

A.   I was born in the Midlands and grew up in Leicester. I was really lucky, when I was in my mid teens there was a fantastic local band scene. I’d be blagging my way into pubs from about 15 and singing in bands. A lot of fun.

Q.   How long have you been performing as Killer Queen?

A.   Since 1993. We had the idea to perform a farewell concert to Queen sometime in 1992. The tribute scene hadn’t really started yet but by the time we had got our first gig it was just about to explode so the timing was lucky really. We only had that one show but it was for about 1000 students. There was no second gig booked so that might have been it. I’d have been happy to just have that one show in some ways though – it felt very special. Little did we know that was just the beginning. There was a college tour booked within two weeks of that first show and an invitation to the West end shortly after. Exciting times.

Q.   Is this the original group or have there been any changes?

A.   We were kids from college only expecting to do a gig or two at best. When this took off so quickly after that first show we all hung in there for the first tour but one by one everyone else had to get back to college at some point so it’s just me from that first gig now.

Q.   Who are the other members of the group and how did you meet?

A.   Simon Small on guitar, Brad Waissman on Bass, Jon Howells on drums. We all met on the touring music scene really.

Q.   Do you find time for any hobbies?

A.   Well yes and no. This band sort of feels like a combination of a career and a brilliant train set that I’ve installed in the loft and can’t leave alone. It’s been quite a surreal ride so far. From those early halls of residence rehearsals at London University to playing and selling out at the same arenas as Queen is so dreamlike for me. Along the way so many extraordinary things have happened too. Then suddenly I’m back at home my other life continues. The division between the two parts of my life is very distinct in some ways but blurry in others. There’s always part of my head still in the clouds or that loft hoping this mad little adventure won’t ever stop.

Q.   Queen is obviously your idol, which other bands do you like?

A.   My first band was actually The Beatles – I discovered them through my Mom – she’s American and had been there for the Beatles invasion back in 64. She never saw them live unfortunately. I was looking for a band that had that same musical scope and writing talent. Lots of great bands and great songs out there but I really had very little access to music other than Top of the Pops and the chart countdown on Sundays. So it was almost impossible to find that combination of voices, breadth of style and depth of catalogue I was after.  Then someone let me listen to Queen Greatest Hits on their Walkman. This would have been about 1984/85. I was just in heaven from that point on. Not long after Live Aid happened. Perfect time to discover Queen really. I was too young to see the tour in 86 – not realising that would be the last chance. So, like my Mom, we both never saw our respective teenage bands!  But that was the same for everyone my age. We all just missed them so that’s why we wanted to do that first show. So we could feel like we’d had something. As I said there wasn’t a tribute scene then so it felt like if we didn’t do it no one else would.  We were wrong there.  A year later after our first show there were about a zillion Queen tributes. We were lucky we got there first really.

Q.   You were only in the TRNC for a short while, but what was your impression?

A.   What we saw looked lovely. Everyone was so friendly too. Be great to spend more time there.

Q.   Would you come again at some time in the future?

A.   Absolutely.

Q.   It must be a very hectic and perhaps stressful lifestyle, how long do you think you will continue?

A.   I don’t know. I guess I’ll know when it’s no longer viable for me but I’m hoping to keep on trucking without worrying too much about it really and enjoy it. Let’s just see shall we?

The Killer Queen band have a busy time ahead, here are some of the venues they will be performing at in the near future.

We will be in the UK and Europe till the end of September, then America for a month – 3rd tour there this year and central Europe for November. Some corporate dates in the UK in December and some shows in Jersey. Then a break for a few weeks over Xmas and kicking off with a couple of Arena shows in Cardiff and Liverpool January/February 2020 before heading back out to America again. It’s busy! 

The Girne Amphitheatre was full to capacity and the audience loved the performance.   I do hope that we will have a return visit to North Cyprus by Killer Queen in the future.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Myers – Killer Queen