December 4, 2023

Work has started by Girne Municipality to eliminate problems which may occur due to rainfall on the Girne Western ring road.

Girne Municipality have taken on the responsibility of the Highways Department to clear rainwater grids and channels on the side of the road between Girne and Alsancak and have removed garbage.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü requests vehicle drivers to be sensitive and careful with regard to keeping the rainwater channels free of garbage to avoid flooding when the rains come in the winter.

1 thought on “Rainwater channels cleared on Girne western ring road

  1. Until people realise that throwing rubbish out of their car windows is not the thing to do, those rain channels will always get filled up. Education is needed from childhood! Be proud of your surroundings! Otherwise, you have to face the ugliness and the consequences!

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