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3rd International Çatalköy Terracotta Symposium 2019 in Vounous

By Heidi Trautmann …. ….

Exactly one year ago I wrote enthusiastically about the opening of the 2nd Symposium, how much was talked about the event, but this year’s event was even more in everybody’s voice and mind.

Having just come back from Johannesburg South Africa, I’ve practiced, I’ve experienced the same spirit.

The many artists who have come from all parts of the world. Rauf Ersenal has been working in the first place in the world. It goes slowly and steadily.

I’ve been back on the island in time for the grand opening which took place on 8th September. It was beautiful and serene with the youth and the young archers shooting light signals into the dark sky. The guests of honour, HE Mustafa Akinci and his wife Meral, the Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, the Mayors of Kyrenia and Catalkoy, Nidai Güngördü and Mehmet Hulusioğlu were shown around by the organizers Rauf Ersenal, Derman Atik and others to the various huts where the artists had been working daily since 1st September until late hours producing replicas of the artefacts of the past. I was particularly curious to meet the German delegation from Manufactum Historicum (click here), Chris Eger and Kevin Frank who had come to produce them. Read their website.  They were clad in costumes.  They had great fun and were totally involved in the business. They plan to come also next year for the Symposium 2020. Rauf Ersenal said that they were most welcome.

The VOUNOUS event will continue until 16th September. I am sure, we will be able to admire the whole range of artefacts in an exhibition Rauf Ersenal will organize. In the meantime I trust that the spirit and the weather will continue to be good and inspiring.

On Facebook you may follow all the activities that took place:

To see the programme of the Vounous events click here


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