North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for September 2019

By Trevor Hughes ….

Temporary Residency…

The new system for Temporary Residence is for all people over 60 years of age, who are not citizens and who come to these shores for long holidays and or to live here, for more than 90 days in any one year. There are no exceptions, other than having a work permit or permanent residency.

The only information emerging to date regarding the new Temporary Residence ruling so far, are:

  1. You have from October this year, until October next year to register into the new system for those expats over the age of 60 years, spending more than 90 days here in any one year. Do not think going over the border and returning will allow you a 90-day extension, it will not. Over the years this unauthorised practice has never been followed up, because the Authorities have been very lax!
  2. The fee to date is 455 TL.
  3. There will be no need to visit the main police station in the major towns in this process.
  4. There will be no need to undergo blood tests, TB testing, or X-rays.
  5. At the moment the registration is for one-year duration, although a two-year period is being considered.
  6. Currently, you can go straight to the Immigration Office in Lefkosa to make your application, taking with you your passport, bank statement and a Muhtar’s letter.
  7. If you are in the TRNC for more than 90 days in any one year, it’s compulsory to comply.

There are more questions arising than answers available, and I think people will leave it to the last minute before complying, which could mean you having to wait your turn in a long queue.

Capital Insurance is giving consideration to make applying for the temporary residence available to Capital Insurance customers, for a small fee. I have spoken to the department initialising the process who will confirm that we are indeed able to provide this service, or not.

This new system will help the Authorities to try and calculate how many foreigners are living here, which will help them when trying to forward plan in what’s needed for the growing infrastructure. 

Current Temporary Residence

I confirm for those whose current Temporary Residence expires whilst out of the Country on their anniversary date. They must go to a main police station, armed with their travel documents (as proof) and ask for an official letter confirming your absence. Take with you your passport, and a 20 TL stamp, you can then collect the letter from the station the following Friday. This official document will allow you to leave and re-enter the country without fuss. But you must make your application to renew your Temporary Residence at the Ministry, within two days of re-entry. 

Don’t forget to take the letter with you when you are leaving and re-entering the country.

House Break-Ins

Although the TRNC crime rate is far below the levels of other countries, burglary is still a crime which is on the increase and we all have a role to play in making it as difficult as possible for the would-be thief.

Burglary is a crime some of us may fear when we leave our property and go back to our country of residence, or for long periods of time. However, certain measures taken can to help keep your property and valuables secure.

When going back home, or away for a period of time, your villa/apartment security is a worry, questioning whether you left your property and belongings safe and sound?

What are burglars looking for?

Burglars will look for important documents when they break into your property.

This includes items such as passports, driving licences, credit cards and bank statements, due to the value associated with them.

There are certain signs that alert thieves when someone is away, including closed curtains, the car being away from the drive. Even a hire car in the drive displaying a red number plate, is telling the would-be burglar that you are here on a short stay and before too long your property will become vacant. Putting security chains around gates is a dead giveaway.

Unkept gardens are a sure sign the villa is empty, or a swimming pool with a reduced level of water which is a beautiful shade of green. Remember not to inform your pool man when you are going to return, some of the less scrupulous will scurry around just before your return, spring cleaning your pool making it look like it’s been looked after on a regular basis, when indeed his absence has been conspicuous the whole time you’ve been away!!

However, the most telling and easiest sign of an empty house is a leaflet wedged in a gateway, especially if the leaflet has been bleached by the sun.

Where is best to hide valuables?

It may seem like a good idea to hide belongings in pots and pans or living room drawers, but these spots could be most at risk.

Instead, choosing to store valuables in a children’s bedroom and inside a toy or toy box could be the best place as it is an “unwritten rule” burglars will not enter children’s rooms.

Putting things in DVD cases or hidden away in food packets could keep them safe.

Police here explained, burglars could spend up to two months watching a house before stealing from it and are most likely to be a target between 20.00 hrs and 04.00 hrs when many homes are left empty.

However, we recommend security cameras and smart doorbells with cameras, but don’t forget to put an obvious sign on the front of your house to deter potential burglars, it is Law here. If you have got security Cameras installed make sure they are not filming outside your boundary walls you can be prosecuted if they are, and if reported to the police they will instruct you to take them down.

Using timer switches on indoor and outdoor lights and keeping blinds open could help keep your home safe.

For those going away, not to publicly advertise your holiday on social media sites, will help to make potential break-ins less likely. How many times do people advertise on social media sites that they are in local bars, exotic foreign places, or visiting relatives and plastering photographs of themselves thoroughly enjoying their time away, what a golden opportunity for an opportunist thief.

On the insurance front, if your home here is burgled and you have not been living in the property for two months or more, or your key holder does not make regular visits to check your property, insurance companies reserve their right to refuse any insurance claim.

Vehicle Registration

The Vehicle Registry and Licensing Branch of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation launched a new application under the name “Vehicle Registry Information System” to inform vehicle owners on the approaching road tax and vehicle inspection dates.

The branch sent SMS messages to vehicle owners asking them to write their name, surname, e-mail address, leaving a space after each information and sending it to 1300 as SMS. 

Through this free of charge service, the information sent by the vehicle owner will be added to their database, which will allow the Ministry to inform owners before the date of his or her vehicle inspection or road tax payment approaches. In order to be registered to the system, an SMS can be sent to 1300 anytime, regardless of whether the original announcement message was received or not. When up and running, this should be an invaluable service to all vehicle owners.

Kib-tek Payment

Paying your electricity bill has now been made easier. Payments can now be made online or by mobile phone.

An invoice sent by email will contain a payment link. Enter your subscriber number starting with *00 and use a bank card to make your payment. By mobile phone, using the KIB-TEK mobile phone app, payment can be made by entering your subscriber number beginning with *00.

Please be aware, you will not get a receipt when paying your bill via this system. If Kib-tek claim you have not made a payment, at some time in the future, can I suggest you keep a copy of your bank statement from which the payment was made, it could be very useful proof that you did make the payment, and the date/amount paid to them!

Payment options will be available in three languages, Turkish, English and Russian.

Akin Motors

This motor dealer has closed down his dealership at the Bellapais traffic lights and moved to Karaoĝlanoĝlu, located on the main road almost opposite the Karaoĝlanoĝlu school / Ship Inn. There is ample parking and will make it more convenient for his customers.

He is now offering finance packages should you wish to take advantage, all at very competitive rates.

Car Park Automation

The car park in the centre of Girne now has number plate recognition device, upon entry. As you drive close to the barrier you will notice your vehicle registration number being displayed and the barrier will automatically lift, allowing you entry. There will not be a paper ticket given for exit purpose.

When it’s time to leave the car park, drive to the pay station, quote your registration number, pay the attendant and proceed to the exit barrier. You will see your registration number being displayed again, at the exit barrier and the barrier arm will automatically lift, allowing you to go on your merry way. Because you have to verbally give your registration number to the kiosk operative does not seem to speed up the process of paying and exiting.

Surely the Authorities in charge, could have gone one stage further and linked the information gathered, to see if the owner is up to date with the vehicles MOT, road tax and insurance and if not, act accordingly. Because the driver’s address would be on file, making compliance to the requirements associated with owning the vehicle makes it easy for prosecution? 

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram Holidays in the month of September


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