Request for Fishing Shelters for Girne Harbour and Karaoğlanoğlu coast

The Girne Mayor was accompanied by the Minister of Natural Resources – Dursun Oğuz and Girne MPs Jale Refik Rogers and Erek Çağatay when they visited the harbour and fishing shelters in the Girne region recently.  Listening to the problems of fishermen, the Mayor of Girne thought that the Antique Harbour and Karaoğlanoğlu coastal area should be declared as fishing shelters.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, has stated that an application will be made to the Council of Ministers with a view to declaring the Karaoğlanoğlu coast as a fishing shelter. He said that they are ready to contribute efforts to create an order for the fishermen in the ancient harbour of Girne and to provide fishing shelter for the Karaoğlanoğlu coast.

The Mayor said that Girne Harbour, has been under the control of the Ministry of Tourism, Girne Municipality, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Ministry of Public Works and Transportation for the last 10 years and the confusion of authority must be overcome.  With the participation of all stakeholders, he expressed readiness to take part in a structure which will give the ancient port what it deserves.  The authority and mandate of the Municipality regarding the port needs to be determined and Güngördü stressed that the main task falls upon the State and Ministries.