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Meritta Rehabilitation Centre, Sea Turtles returned to the sea

By Chris Elliott..

On Saturday 8th June 2019 on World Oceans Day we went to the Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, Alsancak to visit the Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Click here to read more.

So it was with great interest that we are sharing news of the latest activities of the Rehabilitation Centre.

Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre was established by Merit International Hotels on May 10, 2018 in order to help the sea turtles. The centre organises frequent activities to the public to promote sea turtles. It organizes activities in which visitors of all ages can participate, and reaches many fishermen with the motto “Environmentally Friendly Fisherman, and educates and performs this purpose with great self-determination.

This project has achieved a considerable success in about 14 months. Every successful business is based on a beautiful life. As the architect of this success, Net Holding (Merit) Managing Director, Hande Tibuk is aware of the presence of precious creatures in our beautiful island and the need for care, and has made all the necessary efforts to help. The 26th sea turtle at the Centre, was a wounded green sea turtle which was named Shalwar Captain 2, and on 03.08.19 the green sea turtle was restored to health.

 Approximately two months ago a wounded sea turtle at the centre received treatment before the time of ovulation.  After a short time treatment was completed and the green sea turtle, Hulki, was returned to the sea, and was able to lay eggs at Alagadi beach, which was under the protection of the Turtle Conservation Society.

A similar situation again, the Centre employees this time received a message from a fisherman from the Lapta region of an injured sea turtle on the shore, the eggs were found after the first inspection. This turtle, however, was not ready to know the eggs and to know the sea.

After treatment and rehabilitation, its health was regained and damage to the eggs was prevented.

The Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre once again saved a mother and her young, allowing more than one healthy turtle to return to nature.

The Sea Turtle named Shalwar Captain 2, which had been treated, was sent off from the beach of Merit Royal Hotel. Many guests and press members attended this exciting day.