Dönmez: “Hydrocarbon issue should increase peace and prosperity

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez expressed his wish that especially hydrocarbon resources should serve towards increasing peace, tranquillity and prosperity instead of an issue of discussion which has been continuing for many years.

Dönmez came to the island for a one-day official visit yesterday (6.8.19) and during his meeting with Tatar, he pointed out that the relations with the TRNC are continuing to develop.

Mentioning the negative response concerning the proposal of the Turkish Cypriot side to the Greek Cypriot Administration  regarding establishing a joint committee,  Dönmez stated that they hope that the Greek Cypriots will reconsider their decisions and that this proposal should be taken seriously to ensure peace and stability on the island.

In his speech, Ersin Tatar noted that steps have been taken in order to protect the rights and interests arising from international agreements, and said that the Turkish Government’s determination, stance, and self-sacrifice at this point are very important for them.