Akar: “Trying to ease the guarantor status of Turkey is a vain hope”

Turkish National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar attended the reception in Ankara which was organised to celebrate the 1st August “Communal Resistance Day” which marks the 448th Anniversary of the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottomans, the 61st Anniversary of the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT), and the 43rd Anniversary of the establishment of the Cyprus Turkish Security Forces Command

Minister Akar stated in his speech at the reception that Turkey is decisive on defending the rights and interests of Turkish Cypriots just as 45 years ago while carrying out the Peace Operation in Cyprus. Akar underlined that Turkey and Turkish Cypriots proved their will for peace and stability in every possible platform by their words and had made proposals in order to show their support for peace and stability.

Stating that Turkey is a guarantor state in Cyprus and will continue to use that right today as used in the past and it is meaningless to try to ease or divert the guarantor status of Turkey in Cyprus. Akar added ‘Turkey has started drilling activities within its continental shelf and will continue those activities as planned which are being carried out in compliance with international law.’