Özersay: “Decision about Maraş not made just for the sake of talking”

The Inventory Commission on the Closed Maraş did its first fieldwork study led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay.

Özersay visited closed Maraş with the commission members yesterday (25th July) and shared this development through his social media account.

Stating that the Inventory Commission on Closed Maraş has started the fieldwork study this morning, Özersay pointed out that it is the first time in 45 years that such a large group has started to examine closed Maraş and conduct a study in the region.

Özersay remarked:

“We will proceed our examination in the region, in parallel with the paperwork, at a technical committee level with the assistance of the experts from different institutions who are to be involved in the study in the following period. I would like everyone to know that as the government we did not make a decision on Closed Maraş just for the sake of talking, we will proceed with our study earnestly in accordance with our decisions and we are determined to make progress in this region which has become a symbol of the status quo.”

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  1. The Greek lost Anadolu to Ertoğrul, Konstantinopolis becomes Istanbul to his Grandsons lost their dreams of Greatness to Mustafa Kemal and the Turkish Nation despite all the assistance from the Rest of their European Friends, than they lost a third of Cyprus to the dream of Enosis. They joined the Big Mans Club hoping to raise above the Scum to find that the Motherland has bankrupted them alongside themselves. Now that they realised that all the Brow-ado, Bluff and bools discharges has taken them nowhere what Will they think of next. Maybe the mayor of Maraş will become the next President of the South. The