North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for August 2019

By Trevor Hughes ….

Vehicle Registration

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation have launched a new application by the name of ‘Kayıt Vehicle Registration Information System’ which informs vehicle owners in advance about all transactions performed at the Vehicle Registration, Inspection and Licensing Branch Authority.

Vehicle Registration and Licensing Branch sent an SMS to vehicle owners asking them to submit their name, surname, e-mail address and license plate number.

Thanks to this free service, the information will be recorded and vehicle owners will be informed via SMS when the dates of various transactions are approaching (amendments/changes to the road traffic Laws, MOT dates and Road Tax which will allow you to tax the car online, when it’s in operation).

The SMS message sent out caused suspicion among receivers who wondered whether it was a scam or not, so deleted the message without reply.

Would it not have been better to have announced it in the most popular expat read paper and the paper most read by the local people, one week before? Instead they chose to place an article in the papers the following Saturday, after it had gone out!!

Do reply to the SMS message, because by helping them, they will help you to avoid paying penalties incurred for late car-related payment/documentation.

Summer Heat

With the high temperatures we are experiencing at the moment, our car batteries are taking a severe pounding trying to cope with the normal wear and tear normal driving imposes on them, and trying to cope with the extra burden of supplying cool air through the air-conditioning system.

The shelf life of batteries here only last between 2 – 3 years so they will quickly become inoperable, letting you down when you least expect it.

Battery first aid helps to prevent failure. Put the battery on charge from time to time to keep the power level high is a good idea, and check the water levels in the radiator to stop the car overheating, it only takes a few minutes. In the last week alone I’ve been called out twice because of battery failure.

Does your insurance company cover you for vehicle retrieval in such circumstances? Capital Insurance supplies this service as an integral part of their fully comprehensive policies and can be added to a third-party policy for very little money. Maybe you should check with your insurance provider as many will only provide breakdown in an accident situation and then only once. Capital Insurance are the only insurance provider to operate a home start service as well, making them the industry leaders.

House Fires

In order to try and justify the latest increase in electricity charges, the Government and Kib-tec are encouraging people to use the lower midnight tariff to keep prices down. Well the other week I was called out to a house fire which had been caused by a kitchen dishwasher. The owners of said machine had loaded it, switched it on and retired to bed hoping the machine would have done its duty and washed the dishes by the time they got up the following morning. Well at 05.00 hrs the following morning the man of the house was woken up with the smell of smoke coming from the dishwasher area. Going downstairs he found the machine had caught fire. Luckily the fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished.

The thought of what may have happened is terrifying, or if the same process had been during the day time whilst out shopping is too frightening to think about!

Luckily they are insured by Capital Insurance who are processing the claim.

Should you follow this sort of practice and risk losing everything you own just to save a few minutes of time, I know we don’t?

Installing some smoke alarm devices, for little money, may save your life and property. Is it not worth doing, to safeguard yourself, visiting family and grandchildren?

Mobile Phone Roaming Costs Across Cyprus

At last the making of calls across the divide for Turkish Cypriot subscribers is now up and running and will cost between 4tl and 4.12tl per minute for calls, depending on whether you use KKTCELL or Telsim Vodafone.

Receiving calls and SMS messaging will be a little cheaper. While incoming calls will cost between 2.5tl and 1.53tl, SMS messaging will cost 1.5tl and 0.50tl depending again on which service provider you use.

Users need to activate the roaming service before entering South Cyprus. GSM operators advise their customers to deactivate the service upon returning to the TRNC to avoid unnecessary charges.

Subscribers will need to send SMS messages to activate and deactivate the service.

To do this, subscribers can send an SMS saying AC to 7075. To deactivate the service, send an SMS saying KAPAT to 7075 Cross Border Telecommunication.These numbers are for Telsim Vodafone.

When switching this facility on please ensure you switch this serve off when coming back over the border to avoid accidentally roaming when close to the border.

There is a Vodafone/Telsim office close to Capital Bank in Alsancak who will give you all the help you may need before using this service. I have always found them to be highly professional and nothing is too much trouble. We switched to Vodafone a few months ago and glad we did because our other supplier was rude and very unfriendly when facing customers.

When broken down this cross-border phone facility will help them recover your vehicle even more quickly. 

Bayram Holidays

In the month of August there are several Bayram holidays where Government/Local Government offices and Banks are closed;

  • 1st August
  • 11th August
  • 12th August
  • 13th August
  • 14th August
  • 30th August

Capital Insurance are working as normal during the festive days.

Temporary Residence

This article came to my attention this week. If true, it will underline what I have been saying for a long time.

If you are over 60 and do not have a North Cyprus Residency Permit, you will now have to purchase one in three months time. According to the translation below you will have a year to obtain one. Many people, now over 60 and in theory free of the need to purchase a Residency Permit will remember the nightmare it used to be to try and get one. I wonder how much they will cost?

“The Residence Permit and Visa Regulation, which allows foreigners to enter the country, to reside in our country and leave our country, has been accepted. This regulation, which, on one hand, will contribute to us overcoming our problems regarding the subject of non-registration and on the other, will organize the visa types, durations, provisions and cancellation conditions as well as residence permit types, durations, provisions and cancellation conditions. This regulation, which will begin operation in three months, will now hold foreigners over the age of 60 to a residence permit, whereas before, foreigners over the age of 60, could reside in our country with no permit requirements. These individuals will be granted a one-year long opportunity to register.”

‘Simplified Renewal Process for Over 60’s Only.  The simplified over 60 Residency renewal process allows for a 1- or 2-year renewal. There is no requirement to visit the immigration section at a local police station, nor are there any medical formalities.  Instead you should report direct to the residency office at the immigration HQ in Lefkosa on a weekday morning, taking with you the documentation detailed below. The residency office closes at 1.00 pm (Jun 19) and you will need to take a ticket number from a machine by the office door to secure your place in the queue.

  • A completed (but unsigned) residency application form.
  • Original letter from your local Muhtar confirming your residency address with a 4.00TL (Jun 19) revenue stamp stuck to it.
  • Your passport plus a copy of the photo page.
  • Copy of passport residency page
  • Your blue or pink residency registration card.
  • A copy of your bank account statement to confirm your income (Internet print-out is acceptable).
  • The appropriate fee:
  • 17.50TL in revenue stamps (Jun 19). You can buy stamps in any post office or in the cafe on the same floor but the fee could be slightly more

If you have moved house since your last renewal a copy of your new house contract, Kocan or rental agreement, with the new address, if appropriate, is also required.

Having handed in the various forms to the residency office, if all is in order you will be asked to take your passport and an invoice for the appropriate fee to the pay office (Vizne) down the corridor on the left to make the payment. Once there, hand over your passport and the invoice and on payment of the fee your passport will be returned with the residency stamp inserted.  Return with your passport and fee receipt to the residency office for final documentation by the immigration officer and that is the end of the process. ‘

This information will need verifying to ascertain its accuracy and confirmation that this is indeed factual and true. I will be speaking to the people I know to confirm its accuracy.

Watch this space!

Speed Cameras

Those eagle-eyed people amongst us may have noticed that speed cameras are now adorned with an orange reflecting stripe on the back and front of them. Well, there are two explanations

  1. It is to make them more obvious, informing drivers that if you are exceeding the speed limit you will be fined accordingly, or
  2. This information was given to me by an on-duty police officer at Camlibel police station,” the camera has been calibrated and is found not to be working”, can you believe this?


Trevor Hughes

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