EU attitude shows disrespect to the political will of Turkish Cypriots

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay criticised the EU’s decision to implement sanctions on Turkey due to the activities carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In his statement Özersay said, “The latest decision of the European Council on foreign relations is a new example of lack of foresight which disregards political will of the Turkish Cypriots as well as their rights over the natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Özersay further stated:

“the EU’s call for holding negotiations between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot Administration on natural resources in this region is an act of disrespect to our political will. The EU even refrains from mentioning the Turkish Cypriots regarding the matter and this has proved that the EU cannot remain neutral, not only in terms of the solution process of the Cyprus issue, but also in the just sharing of the natural resources. Therefore, once again it is obvious that the EU cannot take on a role in such matters, nor should it.

Although it was the Turkish Cypriots who negotiated a comprehensive solution regarding the Eastern Mediterranean, the natural resources and the future of this region, now the EU is suggesting negotiating the issue between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot Administration, excluding the Turkish Cypriots which is totally not understandable. Rather than encouraging the Greek Cypriot side to have a dialogue with us as well as with the relative actors in the region or at least showing some courage to do so, they are taking steps that will further aggravate the situation.

The EU continues to spoil the Greek Cypriot side with its unjust, excluding and disregarding approach”.