Animal care

Animals also have feelings

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

We all know that animals feel and react, like humans. However the extent of feelings and reactions differ from one another. Some animals feel more than other animals, some less. Some forget something easily, whereas some do not forget so easily.

Although I did know all this,  a couple of weeks ago, I witnessed the same very closely.

As I have discussed on different occasions, we have got a pitbull. Although I am not very close to him, as other members of my family are, we do have some mutual connections and understandings between us. He is indeed an obedient dog, who listens to me.

As I had mentioned in another column, our son got married recently. His marriage ceremony was held in Mersin, Turkey. So our whole family had to go out of the island for a couple of days. While we were planning our tour, the question about “who would take care of the dog”, came up. In fact, it was the first time that we would all be out of our house. Previously such a situation had never arisen.

My wife discussed the matter with the veterinarian, who recommended a place where dogs could be taken care of for some nominal amount.

So the next day (25th June) my wife and I took our dog to that place. It was a large compound, away from the populated area, run by a veterinarian. The place seemed reasonable. So we agreed to leave the dog for three days, from 28th until 30th June 2019. At that time I came up with the idea to leave the dog there for a day on a trial basis. We all agreed to this and left our dog there.

The next day my wife went there and brought the dog back home.

Back home, we found our dog in a totally different state of mind. He had taken the one day stay away from us very seriously, and had made it an issue. He started showing his expression of disapproval of our decision of leaving him there.

He stopped eating and retired to a remote place of our back yard. He was no more the same active dog, who used to stroll around and sit in the balcony, most of the time. We were all concerned about what was happening. My wife consulted the veterinarian, who told us that everything would be fine with the passage of time, as the dog had not liked the idea of staying away from us.

Well, as he had said, the matter would be solved in a short period of time, but in fact, we did not have much time left. We had to go away.

It was confirmed that we would not be leaving him away at some other place in our absence. But in that case who would take care of the dog. This question was ultimately solved as three friends of our children, who used to visit us and play with the dog frequently, volunteered to visit the dog in our backyard, a couple of times daily, during our absence, and would take care of his needs.

Though we left for Turkey, however, we remained in contact with these young volunteer friends, to know how our dog was reacting to our absence. Luckily this time, he did not show his displeasure. He  ate well, rested, and spent his days as he did during our presence. The volunteer friends used to visit him separately at different times during  the day and night, and took him out, besides playing and taking care of his other needs.

So when we returned home, after three days, our dog was fine. He was full of joy seeing us back. Indeed he was very happy because he had sensed that in future too, whenever the situation arises, we would not leave him away from our house.