December 8, 2023

Three Ministries are working together within the framework of measures to prevent flooding on a section of the Girne-Lefkosa Highway by separating the waterway and the road in the Ciklos region and to prevent the entry of water from the Ciklos region.

Tolga Atakan – Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, Ayşegül Baybars – Ministry of Interior and Dursun Oğuz – Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources carried out an examination jointly on the Değirmen – Boğaz Stream in respect of the improvement and construction of embankments.

The three Ministers and Girne Kaymakam Sinan Güneş, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation Kemal Bağzıbağlı, and Water Affairs Department Manager Tarkan Çeki were informed by the technical teams of the Ministries about the project, said that it is hoped to complete the work of the technical teams as soon as possible.

SOURCE: Ministry Of Public Works and Transportation

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