Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel, 11 July Press Day message

Introduction by Chris Elliott…

We receive many Turkish language news items to publish and after translation, we are proud on this occasion to be able to support the TRNC and Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel to convey his message to a worldwide English language readership.

“We celebrate the 130th anniversary of this meaningful day, which has been celebrated as the ‘Press Day’ since the Saadet Newspaper, which was the first Turkish newspaper in Cyprus, started its publication on 11th July 1889.

In order to inform society, the workers of the press who spend day and night performing a difficult and important profession with great sacrifices.

The press always constitutes the fundamental element and guarantee of democracy. Members of the press, who are in the public interest and who have adopted the basic principles of law, are undoubtedly making efforts to ensure that the freedom of the public is not interrupted.

The media, which directly contributes to the development of societies, has an important role in democratisation and the preservation of harmony.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all members of the press who have worked diligently to announce the voice and thoughts of the Turkish Cypriot people both to our country and to the whole world.”