Özersay: Turkey to accept 50 Syrian refugees who are at Ercan Airport

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kudret Özersay made a statement to the press following the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Referring to the visa procedures regarding the Syrian citizens in his statement, Özersay pointed out that some Syrians could not meet these procedures and had to stay at Ercan Airport as they could not acquire refugee status.

Özersay stated that as a result of the contacts made by the relevant ministries, they have come to an agreement with Republic of Turkey Directorate of Migration Management and despite not having an obligation, Turkey will accept 50 Syrians within the framework of cooperation.

Indicating that at the meeting they addressed the mobile communication issue on both sides which has become an ongoing issue due to the Greek Cypriot Administration’s delay, Özersay said that they made decisions on “Special Communication Tax” and “VAT”.

Özersay said that the necessary steps were taken on “Roaming” at the meeting of the Council of Ministers and he informed that following the decisions of the Greek Cypriot side and the companies, the decisions made at the meeting can be achieved.