We are in the Eastern Mediterranean and balance has been established

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that Turkish Cypriots are now in the Eastern Mediterranean and balance has been established.

Özersay made evaluations to AA correspondent regarding his contacts held in Geneva, Switzerland, the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the closed city Maraş.

Stating that as the TRNC government, he went to Geneva within the framework of the objectives of demonstrating the Turkish Cypriots’ existence and increasing visibility, Özersay stressed that the visit is also important because the United Nations (UN) has very important institutions in Geneva.

Recalling that the UN Human Rights Council has prepared reports towards countries, Özersay added “There are various headings on the human rights situation in the TRNC in the annual reports prepared by the UN. In this context, we are holding contacts regarding the steps that we need to take concerning human rights.

Underlining that he met with different institutions in Geneva but was faced with the restrictions of the Greek Cypriot side, Özersay continued:

“I want to emphasize that we are facing an obstacle. We are facing the obstacles of the Greek Cypriot side, especially the Greek Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while trying to raise the views, suggestions, concerns, expectations, and demands of the TRNC and Turkish Cypriot people in the international organizations and platforms. Before we came here, the Greek Cypriot Representative Office in Geneva sent letters to some organizations, they tried to cancel our negotiations. In fact, in our opinion, they tried to cut us down with an outdated practice, but they didn’t succeed. We do not intend to show something to someone. We’re just trying to solve problems in a pragmatic way.”

Mentioning that they did not announce the meetings held with the relevant institutions in advance against the obstacles of the Greek Cypriots, Özersay said “Because what is important for us is not to beat the vinedresser but to eat grapes, to get results and to look forward in a pragmatic way”.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriots’ attempts to prevent us are not sincere and rational, the two communities have common problems that can be solved only through dialogue, Özersay said that such behaviour causes the Greek Cypriot side to question the comprehensive solution and sincerity.

Stating that they are ready to cooperate with the Greek Cypriot side on the hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean which has been on the agenda in recent months, Özersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side shows flexibility as TRNC in order to eliminate the risk of conflict in the region and to ensure stability.

Özersay pointed out that cooperation between the two sides is not a requirement and that the problem can be solved between the companies they license and will give with a further authorization.

Mentioning that there is no legal obstacle to negotiate for companies on hydrocarbon resources on behalf of the two communities, Özersay said: “This is a way out. I am absolutely sure that as long as the investment companies in this region give the right message to the Greek Cypriot side, cooperation will start in the field of energy, because we have shown the pragmatic approach through companies”.

Emphasizing that the “Yavuz and Fatih” drilling vessels established for the stability of peace in the region that has deteriorated, and stressing that they are now in the field, Özersay called for the Greek Cypriot side to behave in a more rational and pragmatic way and to cooperate.

Noting that the TRNC and Turkey will not allow a fait accompli in the Eastern Mediterranean, Özersay said that the work in areas that are owned by Turkish Cypriots unequivocally would not be possible to be prevented.

Clarifying that the discussion of the opening of the city of Varosha which has been closed since 1974, Özersay said that opening of Varosha in the near future is not unlikely.

Reiterating that as the TRNC government they decided to make an inventory study in Varosha, Özersay said that first of all they wanted to determine which properties in the region belonged to whom, and what is the latest status of these properties, hotels, houses and infrastructure.

Stating that they are in agreement with government partners on the issue of the closed city of Varosha, Özersay said that which model will be used according to the data of the inventory study will be discussed.