Glastonvicki Music Festival a great charity fundraiser

By Tina King….

The much awaited Glastonvicki Music Festival got underway on Saturday 15th June at the new Black Olive Cafe venue in Alsancak..

Whilst Vicki and Unal Karaca have previously pulled off some great events for charity I personally think this was their best.  The new venue lends itself fantastically for live musicians, in particular the fact that now they now have a ready made stage.

I’m not sure, but I estimated that there must have been at least 150 supporters at the festival, and the new Black Olive had ample seating and covered terraces with lots of room for everyone to get up and dance. 

The range of music was something for everyone, from jazz, blues, pop to rock, it was great fun.  Ed Sezener, (Cyprus Underwater Explorers) a great musician himself, worked hard all day as the sound manager / engineer and really enhanced and supported the bands.  Even though some of the timings got a bit delayed, overall the changeover from band to band was seamless. 

For me there were two new musicians, the band Carnival (Ex NormAl members Norman Brewerton and Al Bartholomew) which was their debut night, and a very talented young lady who I have not seen before, Amelia! What a voice!

I have to make a special mention of Unal who melted in the kitchen all day turning out lovely food for everyone, and Vicki and her team for seamlessly ensuring everyone was served really quickly, very impressive organisation, something that is very difficult to pull off.

Not forgetting that this was a fundraiser and the ‘Blister Sisters’ (Tulips) are planning an absolutely huge walk to raise funds for Children with Cancer, and from the money raised at Glastonvicki it amazingly came to around 5,500TL.

In all, it was a fantastic day to meet up with loads of friends, congratulations to the Black Olive for surpassing themselves this year for the best Glastonvicki, and look forward to enjoying some more events at their brilliant new venue..

Finally, good luck to the Blister Sisters 🍀