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Go Tandem Skydiving with Skydive North Cyprus

Introduction by Chris Elliott…...

Margaret Sheard and I have been to Gecitkale Airport many times and have been following the development of TRNC Air Sports Federation and its Gyrocopter training, Microlight training, parascending, model aircraft activities and much more.

The latest exciting opportunities for thrill seekers is Tandem Skydiving with the Skydive North Cyprus team and we had some great pictures and vivid description sent to us by one of our  CyprusScene readers.

Sarah Jane Purcell …
Readers mail..

Sarah said  – check out Skydive North Cyprus Chris it’s a fab team and a great day to be had there and I feel the guys don’t get enough credit for what they do and you can see more on their Facebook page and  website

I’m not scared  of heights or flying  Chris, it’s just the fact you jump out of that tiny plane in free fall for about 1 minute which  was my greatest fear but not anymore thanks to them and Mohammad Abdallah who took so much time briefing me and making me feel relaxed until the moment he climbed out of the aircraft and watched me exit the aircraft with his colleague, Misha strapped to my back for that downward fall at such high speed.

No worries, he made it a great experience and before very long in the rushing wind he released the parachute and then we were making that downward glide enjoying incredible views before we landed safely on Long Beach, Iskele and this thrill of a lifetime was to raise awareness and gain support for the Famagusta Animal Rescue Centre.

It was just a stunning experience and if I can help one person to overcome their fears of making a Tandem Skydive then this will make me very happy.

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    • Great to hear Carole and no doubt many more will take to the Sky’s with Skydive North Cyprus