June 25, 2022

Readers mail…..
Ralph Kratzer…..

Another superb trip for members of TFR and guests had been organised by our Events Mgr. Pamela Tschersich. Here is the report she published on our Facebook-site:

“A full coach headed West today to enjoy a day of Cypriot History. After stopping for refreshments we headed for Soli to view the ancient Mosaic tiles. We were lucky with the weather as the sun was not too hot, making walking around to read the history of Soli very pleasant.

From there we climbed up,up,up to take in the ancient site of Vouni Palace…this road is quite narrow with a barrier between us and a long drop…I think most of us would like to have been knocked out and woken up at the top!! But having said that the site itself is so worth the climb…with beautiful panoramic views this site is laid out detailing the parts of the palace showing us how it was so many years ago. It never ceases to amaze me how these fantastic buildings ever got constructed with such a massive climb to the top!!

From here we ventured on through Yesilirmak…famous for the delicious strawberries…we approached the Erson Hoca’s Organic Farm…our driver drove on to the turning point to then approach the farm with a direct run……then the fun began…we always have an adventure …we very gingerly edged slowly under the archway that was the official entrance to the farm…were we going to make it?….the owner was guiding us in ….just…then the driver looked at the next bend and decided that it was too tight …but we were nearly there…the able bodied walked the last leg, with the owner ferrying the few that had walking difficulties. The food was fantastic as always, with an assortment of vegetables and fruit from the Farm to purchase….all in all another lovely day in Cyprus.

Our thanks as always to Kasim our Bus driver who always delivers us safely with his careful driving and consideration.”  Regards Pam

I personally want to thank Pam for this interesting trip and our Chairman Horst for his assistance to make a perfect day!

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