Lefke University work to improve reading habits

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

As known to everybody, the increase in popularity of  the social media has led to a serious reduction in the reading habits of the young generation.

Currently, instead of reading books, they are more interested in Facebook, and various applications of chatting.

With the aim of popularising reading books, the Library Club recently carried out a campaign, where the students were taken on bicycle ride tours, and were given books to read during their breaks. A good number of students participated, and not only enjoyed the tour in the Lefke area, but also had a  chance to read different books.

Alev Lort, Director of the Library, briefed about the tour and campaign. She said that in order to reduce this decrease they organized reading activity with “Choose Your Book, Join the Bicycle Tour” slogan in the Lefke Region and added that during the tour, students read books in the rest breaks.

She also said that cycling, which can be done as an alternative sporting activity in the Lefke region, is a positive physical activity and at the same time it makes the habit of reading books pleasant. Lort finally stated that the purpose of the Club is to create awareness by spreading the habit of reading books with different activities.