February 7, 2023

Girne Municipality and City Planner and Transportation Specialist Ömer Selvi, City Planner Şenol Hatipoğlu and City Planner and Traffic Engineer Mehmet Akyürek signed a contract for the Girne Central Project on arranging pedestrianisation and traffic flow aspects.

Under the contract; Kyrenia Castle, the Ancient Harbour area, Ziya Rızkı Street and Mustafa Çağatay Caddesi and related arteries will be connected.  It is planned to cover approximately 70 hectares of land, including the arteries.

During the project, experts will perform computer-assisted animation of current traffic and identify the problem areas. After the determination study, meetings will be held with citizens, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders and the project will start construction. Checks are being made on the 28 intersection areas of Mustafa Çağatay Caddesi, located in the central area of Girne, together with Ziya Rızkı and Ecevit Streets during the morning and evening traffic hours.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü drew attention to the fact that traffic intensity is constantly growing in Girne. He stated that they prepared the Girne Traffic Transport Master Plan for the elimination of the problems experienced with traffic and stated that they had prepared the Girne-Çatalköy Development Plan for the regulations on population density in the city. It is important for pedestrians to be able to walk safely in the city centre and re-organising the flow direction of traffic will result in smooth progress.

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  1. With the uncontrolled building boom going on the traffic will just increase so making pedestrian walk areas is only going to make the congestion around Girne even worse. The so called “planners” should stop more building Now before even though it is probably too late.😩🚗

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