Exhibition of historical documents at Near East University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

An exhibition of historical documents of the Ottomans, regarding Cyprus was opened recently with the cooperation of  Cyprus Turkish National History Museum and the State Archives Department of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

According to the information released by the Near East University, the Founding President of the Board of the Turkish Cypriot National History Museum Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Özkul made a speech on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, and he talked about the founding purpose and importance of the Turkish Cypriot National History Museum. Prof. Dr. Özkul emphasized the importance of the exhibition and said: “We started 15 years ago to open our exhibitions about the Ottoman era which had dominated Cyprus. Today we are adding a new one to these exhibitions.

The oldest document to be exhibited is dated to July 3, 1570, when the Ottoman Empire soldiers set foot on the island, and the newest document was about the Turkish Cypriots who migrated from the island to the homeland after the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 20 November 1926. In the exhibition, everything that went on in the island under the administration of Ottoman Empire, from education to foundations and from population to trade is explained through the edicts, sanctions, orders and provisions. In addition, various visual materials, including miniatures, engravings and maps, were used in the exhibition.”

The exhibition, which includes orders, decrees,  provisions, maps and miniatures can be visited between the hours of 9am to 4pm until 15 June 2019.