On Top of the World with the Beatles

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The other day I was listening to the songs of The Carpenters.  Their song “Top of the World”, all of a sudden took me to 1969, with the concert on top of the Apple Corps building in London, by the Beatles. The one of its kind concert was held on 30th January 1969.

I had read a lot about that particular rooftop concert, and have watched some videos too. When I saw George, John, Paul and Ringo playing music on that freezing day. I could see their facial expressions  as they dared the  freezing cold wind on top of the building.

Looking at those photos and the video  I thought that they might have been considering themselves “On top of the World”, during that 45 minutes performance. Or on the contrary they might have been considering the whole event as a terrible experience for them.

Actually the concert on  top of the five storey building had started without any official announcement, so the initial response from the crowd was mixed and full of confusion. However, the crowd gathered, in a short period of time, to enjoy the live performance. Unfortunately, after some time the local police found it was creating problems on the road, so they intervened to stop it. Thus this 45 minutes live performance had ended with the famous “Get Back” song.

Though at that time the Empire State Building was the highest building on earth, the five storey building of Apple had taken them “On Top of the World”.

In 1969 The Beatles had already started showing signs of cracking down, yet they were still playing and producing music of high quality. They were still  “on top of the music world”, but their internal differences had started surfacing. By the end of the year they had almost parted their ways, though officially it was Paul McCartney who announced on 10th April 1970, his decision to leave the group.

I can say that The Beatles stage, had slowly taken them “on top of the world”, from where they faded away.

Their live performance on the rooftop is one very important event not only of the music life of The Beatles, but of the music world too.