Summer Serenade with the Kyrenia Chamber Choir

By Chris Elliott…

We are blessed in North Cyprus with lots of entertainment and events to go to and here we are focusing on something very special.

The Kyrenia Chamber Choir have arranged a super event called “Summer Serenade” which is Directed by Iris Langford and features Accompanist Rauf Kasimov and will be performed in 3 locations in the weeks ahead.

  • Thursday 23rd May at St Andrews Church, Kyrenia starting at 6.00pm.
  • Suggested donation 50TL.
  • Saturday 1st June at Karmi Church starting at 6.00pm.
  • Suggested donation 50TL.
  • Thursday 6th June at Antiphonitis Church starting at 5.30 pm (limited spaces available)
  • Suggested donations 100TL, includes a shuttle bus from Esentepe football ground (leaving 4:45 pm and 5:15 pm). champagne & canapes

Reservations can be made by email to kyreniachamberchoir@angelic.com

In support of the churches and Kyrenia Chamber Choir.