Girne roads will be closed for North Cyprus Rally

The North Cyprus Rally will be held between 17-19 May with the contribution of Girne Municipality. The rally will start at Girne Marina on May 17 at 20:00 and will include the 1.2 km long Liman Girne City Special Stage: at 20:45.

Due to the special stage in Girne City, on the 16th of May from 19: 00 to 00.00 hours and 17th May  14: 00 to 00.00 hours; roads will be closed to traffic from Rocks Hotel front, Simit World, Dallas Buffet front, Ersin Aydin Street, Turgut Tahsin Street, Canbolat Street (front of Bandabuliya), Efeler Street, Kup Demir Sokak (Castle road double archway) and Sertac Savim Kalabey street.

The municipality car park opposite the Rocks Hotel will be closed on 16-17-18 May.

Throughout the event, the drivers and pedestrians are advised to adhere to and follow traffic signs and traffic cones