Studies on Smart Transportation System

Within the scope of the studies carried out to bring smart transportation systems to the TRNC, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Center (IZUM) presented a project to the TRNC Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

During the presentation, Izmir gave comprehensive information about the smart transportation systems that are being implemented in many cities of the world.

Traffic system violations such as traffic lights, lane and speed limits, can be detected with the systems that can be applied to increase traffic safety in the TRNC and to relieve urban transportation.

In addition, moving weight measurement systems can be installed to detect the weight of vehicles at certain points in order to prevent vehicles carrying heavy loads above their capacities.

In addition to the traffic monitoring and measurement systems that can determine the number of vehicles and traffic density using certain routes, the transportation system allows drivers to use the right route, whether they comply with the traffic rules, stop at traffic lights, road junctions etc, and provides electronic payment systems together with camera systems that ensure the safety of passengers in the vehicle.

Intelligent transportation systems also include pedestrian crossing signalling for visually impaired people in Nicosia and bad parking systems that can detect parking violations.

Source Ministry of Public Works and Transportation