Concerts Without Borders award to Engin Dervişağa

By Chris Elliott….

For the past seven years of publishing, I have been following the English channels of Bayrak International Radio and TV and in the early days received and published weekly articles from their staff about forthcoming shows and made many contacts like Engin Dervişağa.

In the past few years, Engin has gone from strength to strength with his TV and Radio shows and has had many memorable experiences like interviewing Paris Hilton and going to Turkey to be awarded the 4th TRNC – Turkey Best of the year awards in 2018.

Paris Hilton with Engin and that great award received in Turkey by Engin Dervişağa

Engin, through his outside TV broadcast shows, has made some wonderful shows about “Concerts Without Borders” which were produced and directed by Grammy List Nominee, Demetra George Mustafaoglu and for his support, she presented him with an award and had the following to say:

Engin and Demetra

“The sixth recipient of awards from Concerts Without Borders was Engin Dervish from BRT.

Engin is well known for his travelling interviews where he opens the floodgates with his guests. Most recently was a wonderful and stunning visit with Paris Hilton who just happens to be my former neighbour in the US. Paris is a darling lady and had many a visitor from the Turkish American Ladies League which I founded.  

He has covered all of my charity concerts in North Cyprus for  BRT and has become part of the family routine before, at intermission and post show. Everyone looks forward to their special time with him in or out of makeup and costume”.