Ziyamet Special Needs School receives a generous donation

Introduction by Margaret Sheard ….

We were recently asked about the Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble which prompted me to contact the last Chairperson, Mary Watson.

Mary told me that unfortunately when she, her husband Art and Sue Steel decided they could no longer continue organising EFRAR and its events, there were no volunteers willing to take on the enormous task and sadly 2018 was the last EFRAR event.

However, Mary and Art Watson have for many years been active in fundraising for the Ziyamet Special Needs School and in recent years they have also been associated with the group MAD (Making a Difference) and they still continue to do all they can for the Ziyamet Special Needs School.  Following is information from Mary about a generous donation from the UK to this school for very special children.

By Mary Watson ….

Another donation to help make a difference.

The Making a Difference Group (MAD) are delighted to receive a donation of £5,000 from the Tom Yusef Foundation in the U.K. to support the children of the Ziyamet Special Needs School.  The person who runs the charity is well known to Adem Bayman, one of the founders of MAD, and appreciates the need to support the children.

The current focus is on the physiotherapist.  We fund all of her salary and have guaranteed her employment for at least a year.  The difference she has made to the children is amazing.  As they become more mobile their skills and confidence grow and one boy who has never walked has recently taken his first few steps.  It not only helps the children but also the parents who are often single mothers or have other children to care for.

We have a number of fundraising events in the pipeline including the annual Kumyali Walk, murder mystery evening and table top sale in August.

Supporting the children is also about them having fun and we have organized a picnic for them on 23rd May in conjunction with the school.

We are really grateful to the Tom Yusef Foundation and all of our local supporters.


We have included some photographs taken some years ago when we had the pleasure of visiting the school and a forest picnic.