June 30, 2022

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Debbie and Ken from Levant Restaurant, now a legend in itself, were welcoming the guests to the concert with a glass of wine, for those who had come early because of parking problems.

I had parked down below and walked up the romantic alleys to the church with the water from the Karmi spring running at the side of the path, the only sound except some late birds. Karmi is still one of those places where time has not moved on and most of the old residents are still there, happy and full of memories.

Somehow a sad but also a good feeling. For one of those who is no longer part of the community, Vic Lundie, friends and music lovers had come to listen to the selection of music pieces his music friends and friends of the church had prepared for him.  Prue, his wife, is still part of the Karmi community and she was witnessing the many good words of memory in tribute to her husband.

I met Vic Lundie a couple of times for the sake of music, for telling the background story of jazz becoming popular in Cyprus. Here is one link to a talk I had with him some years ago  click here

The other link tells the story of the Kyrenia Church Choir I have met on several occasions, at concerts and rehearsals.  Click here

A big thank you to the Kyrenia Chamber Choir members who prepared the concert in memoriam of Vic Lundie and for the audience it was a very special treat on the Saturday evening of May 04, 2019. A well chosen programme.

Fikri Toros, Chairman of the ‘Friends of the Karaman Church’ expressed his feelings and thanks with a surprise piano recital and later thanked the musicians with a colourful bunch of flowers which went so well with the colourful icons of the church.  A wonderful atmosphere reigned that evening in the church, a building and treasure in this mountain village that is being looked after so lovingly. The donations given by the guests are going to be used for necessary maintenance and repair works.

Singers: Susan Carling, Rae Tilley, Iris Langford, Alan Carling, …and Kate Economidou and Zara Barkhoudarian (piano and voice) and Deniz Sever (piano).

I have just been informed that there will be a selection of concerts, the Kyrenia Chamber Choir have planned for the summer.

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