December 11, 2023

By Richard Beale ….


Ozanköy, Hopes Still Alive – Düzkaya, Champagne on Ice.

In a thrilling “local derby” match, Ozanköy kept their hopes of automatic promotion alive, whereas Düzkaya only needing one point to secure their promotion must keep their champagne on ice for another week.


Sunday May 5 : K-Pet League 1 : Ozanköy Mustafa Ozkayım Stadı.

A red hot derby, red hot atmosphere, red hot action both on and off the pitch. Standing room only in a packed Mustafa Ozkayım Stadı for this crucial promotion clash.

Düzkaya supporters came in their 100’s decking out the stadium with their flags and banners. We had firecrackers, somebody even brought a megaphone with them, Düzkaya fans were in a party mood, expecting today to gain the one point that will send them up into the Super League. Ozanköy had other ideas, they have a guaranteed play off place and if they can win their remaining two matches they have an outside chance of leapfrogging over Düzkaya.

Düzkaya must keep the champagne on ice and hope they can beat or draw next week at home to Mesarya.

I also wanted to see Ex Esentepe players OSMAN NERSIN and AHMET KARAL gain promotion to the Super League for the second successive season with two different teams. The first half was pulsating,  both teams launching themselves at each other with such ferocity with some hard robust challenges and tackles, which helped stir up the frenzy amongst the supporters.

Ozanköy took the lead in the 8th minute through their prolific striker BEKER YİLİDZ converting a cross. Düzkaya rallied and after some intense pressure Ex Esentepe player AHMET KARAL equalised with a low shot from outside the box in the 33rd minute. MUSTAFA ÇİÇEKLİ regained the home side advantage scoring from close range in the 37th minute.

This led to some crowd trouble which was always simmering and the Police had to step in to keep the two opposing supporters apart.

Then to cap it all in an explosive half we had two goals in a minute of each other. 44th minute SÜLEYMAN BAYIR equalised for Düzkaya, only to see immediately from the kick off AYTUN scrambling in for Ozanköy. HALF TIME SCORE: 3-2.

With the match being shown live on BRT Sport, thankfully the crowd trouble died down and the match itself lost some of its spikiness.

The second half was quite pedestrian compared with the first half. Düzkaya didn’t really look like getting back into the game and it was Ozanköy who scored a fourth goal in the 68th minute to make the game safe. Bekir had a shot, that was deemed to hit Düzkaya defender Nersin’s arm, even though he had turned his back onto the shot. I thought the penalty was a little harsh. SAYDAM SOY duly stepped up to send Yunus the wrong way. 4-2

After that Ozanköy were content to keep Düzkaya at arm’s length, with the visitors probably thinking we will conserve our energy and get the job done next week.

A mention to Referee Mehmet Sezener who I thought had an excellent game and handled what could be an explosive match very well.


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