Gaziköy 5 year electricity supply problem resolved

In previous years, the Ministry of Interior has been implementing projects step-by-step in order to eliminate the infrastructure problems in rural areas, which lead to big grievances.

As a result of the intensive work carried out by the Ministry of Interior’s Social Housing Directorate, the electricity supply problem in Gaziköy since 2014 has been resolved.  In order to resolve the electricity problem, which was one of the biggest grievances in this rural area, the Social Housing Directorate examined the problem site about 2 months ago and project work was initiated to eliminate the grievances of the citizens who were given rural land in 2014.

As a result of two months work, the necessary initiatives have been made and with the project prepared at a cost of 360,000TL, the electric supply has been delivered to the land of the rural area.

With the completion of the operation for the electric supply infrastructure for the houses that have been constructed in the region, after a long wait electricity will finally be available. Efforts will be continued for resolving the infrastructure of the rural areas.

Source : Ministry of Interior