News and its enewspaper is now back online

By Chris Elliott..

Last week was a very busy week and we finished early on Friday at around 5.30pm with the publication of our weekly online  enewspaper and scheduling of weekly emails to our many subscribers.

On Saturday we received a number of emails from readers telling us they could not open the Enewspaper Download??

To our horror we found that a number of postings and other activities made on our website were no longer to be found. We promptly contacted the helpline of our website hosting company pointing out the problem and the fact that they had backed up our website. This problem proved not to be easy to resolve as it was the weekend and the time zone across the world is so different.

By Monday we were still waiting to publish articles but were unable to do so as data was missing from our website and any attempt to make new publications we risked the possibility of losing those posts when our website was updated by the hosting company. Good news was that in the early hours of Wednesday morning our website was refreshed and we have been busy today publishing news and review articles.

Naturally our readers may not have been able to view some posts from last week and also our online Enewspaper which you can

If you wish to view this Enewspaper in the reality player please click here

We apologise to our readers for any inconvenience and we are pleased to have received the following messages of support and by this Friday evening there will be another online enewspaper you can download which we think is even better than last week’s edition.

Ufuk Mustafa Yilmaz

Thank you Chris. Things back to normal now.

Best wishes,



Thanks Chris much appreciated


Kate Cornwell

Hi Chris

Many thanks for your reply and will now have a good read of your wonderful weekly online newspaper.

Kind regards


Sue Steel

Hi Chris

Thanks for that.  I managed to read it via your FB page I think it was….bumper issue to be sure.

Well done both of you.



Bertil Wedin,

Thank you for your email.

Yesterday, I found the scroll-down version of the latest issue of Cyprusscene.

It is very good. It is full of interesting articles that project interesting activities and good hearts and minds in our beloved country.

You and Margaret are running an excellent news service.

Thank you.